About Danuta Nowak

Danuta Nowak - Founder

Danuta Nowak is a professional engineer and a spiritual writer. She was born in Poland where she obtained her Masters degree in Chemical Engineering. In 1981 Danuta immigrated to Australia with her family. Great interest in environmental protection led her to further her education in that area. She commenced studying for a Masters Degree in waste Management at the University of New South Wales in Sydney in 1989, and obtained the degree in 1992.

In her professional career she worked as a design engineer, tutor, part-time lecturer, process and construction engineer, contract evaluator and administrator, leader and facilitator of community consultation processes, environmental policy and strategy development officer, secretary of a multi-agency taskforce, organiser of conferences and workshops.

After she completed her studies in the environmental area, Danuta became convinced that there are deeper reasons for humanity's failure to address environmental problems - reasons which go beyond technological limitations. This in turn has led her to further studies of disciplines such as anthropology, history of civilisations, psychology, sociology, comparative religion, and both Eastern and Western schools of wisdom.

In 2002 she completed her first book about the survival options for our civilisation 'Civilisation: Where Are You Going?'. In this book, which is the synthesis of her ten years of exploration into human history, psychology and spirituality, Danuta shows the depth of the problem humanity has to face in order for it to continue peaceful existence on this planet. She contends that the species has an inbuilt potential to create a peaceful civilisation. Peace on Earth is possible but it can only come as a result of a Great Transformation. This Great Transformation is a spiritual renewal, which is absolutely essential, if people are to become more mature and responsible for the life of this civilisation. The book was published in February 2007.

The spiritual writing that followed the completion of the first book is a result of contemplations on deeper aspects of life, especially from the perspective of a Cosmic citizen. Life on Earth can be experienced very narrowly if we do not consider ourselves as being the spiritual Cosmic citizens. Only when we acknowledge our innate spirituality and try to learn something about the spiritual dimension of life in the Universe, can we get to the point in our lives where we fully understand ourselves and our role in the Cosmic drama we are all engaged in.

When comprehended with the right spiritual attitude, the combined writings of this website can be seen as an emerging new understanding of our role in the eternal life of the Universe. It is a new picture of reality, especially in the exposition of the importance of spiritual dimension in our lives, which is not considered as an 'add on' to the physical reality, but as a dimension which permeates and is in fact a precursor of our physical existence.

The spiritual writings presented here have not been conceived to repudiate any teachings of the existing spiritual traditions. On the contrary, the author hopes that this exposition of the spiritual reality will be seen as a vision of integration and synthesis of many different spiritual views, as she firmly believes in the unity of essence of all religious teachings and in the unity of all humanity.

Today Danuta works as a global sustainability consultant, conducting courses, workshops and specific sustainability-related projects.