Explanation of Concepts


  1. The physical manifestation of the world is an expression of Cosmic Intelligence directing the developments in the Universe.
  2. There is nothing random or accidental about the creation of life in the Universe or life on Earth. There is a purpose to life.
  3. Human beings do not comprehend the Cosmos in its entirety because of their very limited perception capabilities and relatively low level of mind function. People, who in their physical reality do not encounter higher intelligence, generally believe that they are the most intelligent beings in the world.
  4. We can distinguish the following dimensions of reality: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Life on Earth is generally understood in terms of what is happening in the physical dimension. Emotional and mental processes are almost completely automatically obeyed. The spiritual dimension is even less understood.
  5. The Cosmic Intelligence is called by many names: God, Divinity, Divine Being, Universal Being, Brahma, Allah, etc. The concept of divinity comes to us from the spiritual dimension of the Cosmos.
  6. Human beings have an inherent, inbuilt capability to perceive the spiritual dimension of the Universe. This is their yearning for Love, Truth, Beauty, Goodness, Justice, Fairness, Mercy, Forgiveness, Compassion, etc., comprehension of which may or may not be associated with any of the religious teachings.
  7. The world religions have been instrumental in maintaining of the presence of spirituality on Earth. We acknowledge this indispensable contribution to uphold the humane life on Earth.
  8. All great religions have their exoteric and esoteric teachings. In their esoteric teachings all great religions are very similar. They teach about the essence of spirituality, which is the same for all people on Earth. Only in their exoteric aspect the Earth religions differ.
  9. Esoteric teaching is found and comprehended only by those people who have matured to receive this level of spiritual knowledge. Such spiritually mature people are capable of transcending the 'differences' of exoteric versions, because their level of thinking gravitates from the physical manifestations toward the essence (spiritual significance) of teachings.
  10. Spiritual awakening and spiritual development of human beings are divinely instituted. Every person can gain a passage to Nirvana, but first they need to spiritually awake, and personally follow appropriate teachings, and actually GAIN the entrance.
  11. Humanity is approaching that level of consciousness, which will allow for a collective awakening and the crossing to a new phase in spiritual identity. People will comprehend ONENESS OF ALL, and will organise life of a new civilisation in the new order.
  12. The Divine Being is manifesting in the physical dimension through us. We can choose to be part of Divinity.


  1. Beyond the material, manifested world there exist internal dimensions of thought, emotion and consciousness.
  2. The dimension of consciousness pre-dates the existence of the material dimension. Consciousness is the reality behind the material manifestation; it is the fabric of the Universe.
  3. Every thing (e.g. minerals) and living being (e.g. plants, animals and people) have their origin in the dimension of consciousness.
  4. Consciousness has many aspects: manifests internally or externally, as a conscious or unconscious, subliminal or infernal experience. A human person is a participant in the world of consciousness. He (she) experiences consciousness as:
    • Internal manifestation (awareness, mind, perception, thought, recognition, knowing, memory, foresight, intuition, feelings), and
    • External manifestation (physical sensations)
  5. Consciousness is the ground of our being. Different expressions of consciousness act as various elements of our being in different modes of existence called dimensions.

  6. Dimension Description
    PHYSICAL Matter, material forces
    VITAL Prana, life, instincts, procreation, 'gut' feelings
    FEELINGS, EMOTIONS Psychic forces, astral elements (dreams), ordinary feelings, moods
    LOWER MENTAL Ordinary mind, everyday intelligence and creativity, fantasy, neurotic or psychotic imaginings
    SPIRITUAL Intention, motivation, 'the spirit of things'
    HIGHER (SUBTLE) FEELING Unconditional love, adoration of the deity, devotion, intuition
    HIGHER (SUBTLE) CREATIVITY Genius creativity
    HIGHER (SUBTLE) MENTAL Cosmic knowledge, wisdom, deep understanding of life
    HIGHER SPIRITUAL Direct spiritual discerning, higher spiritual intuition

  7. Contemporary science has no instruments to measure the reality beyond the materially manifested objects and events. It can measure processes related to the five senses, eye vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch as well as electrical and magnetic fields generated by the brain and other physiological organs or processes. Lack of instruments measuring intuition, love or different levels of awareness (for example, the level of appreciation of Truth, Beauty and Goodness), cannot deny the existence of these phenomena in the internal dimension of a human person.
  8. Non-spatial and non-temporal concepts such as existence, life, consciousness, wisdom, love, mind, delight exist independently of sensory/physiological perception. These concepts are omnipresent and eternal; they pre-date the development of senses and the human capability to understand them. People did not create them. People discovered them.