Spiritual Future for Humanity


Spiritual development is a necessary tool for all and every one of us if we desire to become successful in building a new, peaceful and sustainable civilisation. Every person who has gone through spiritual awakening and development can affirm this statement to be true. Our civilisation is on the path towards a much better future, but many people make a mistake in thinking that this brighter future will happen by itself.

In combining the two websites: Sustainable Future Solutions and Spiritual Future for Humanity I would like to emphasise that these two concepts are, in fact, two faces of the same coin, in other words: Sustainable Future can only happen to humanity which:

  • is mature and non-aggressive;
  • appreciates kindness and good will;
  • rejoices in successes of the "other";
  • deeply comprehends the purpose of unity;
  • is spiritually developed.

Spiritual revolution is the next step in the evolution of humanity's consciousness. Man has achieved peak of his development at the current level of consciousness. All new solutions to the existing painful situation, which our civilisation faces day in and day out, will be only band aides, which do not address the source of the problem but only its outcomes. Without the spiritual revolution, we may try new solutions for the next decade, next century or longer and the results will be exactly the same as we see today. The reason for this is a fact that we face problems which do not come from the outside - man himself (herself) is the problem. So, we need to stop looking outside of ourselves, stop blaming all others for the problems, and start the process of enabling us to understand the situation deeper than we were able to do so far. This deeper understanding will come if we engage in a personal spiritual development.

Ancient spiritual teachings, contemporary spiritual literature as well as many examples of enlightened saints, spiritual men and women in the past and today, point to the fact that the achievement of the next level of conscious awareness is possible for man. The process of spiritual development can be only undertaken freely and purposefully by interested individuals. All persons, living on the planet today, who have been undergoing this process, are fully aware of that fact. If there is any confusion in our readers' minds whether they have been going (or not) through this process, please accept the fact that if you have not made any conscious decision to this effect in your life up til now, you ARE NOT in the process of spiritual development yet. And this is true for all persons whether they are being affiliated - or not - with any religion, creed, cult, group; and also regardless of the fact that the person feels he(she) is religious, is regularly meeting with a group of friends for spiritual discussions, meditates daily or does countless other "New Age" activities.

The past occult existence of esoteric teachings, which provide keys to genuine spiritual development, has nowadays become thrown open to anyone who is interested. There is no shortage of appropriate groups and teachers who can help in the task of spiritual awakening and development. For more insights about the spiritual transformation of humanity see my writings in Spiritual Journal and Chakra Man.

Kind Regards,
Danuta Nowak