About Sustainable Future Solutions

Sustainable Future Solutions is a consultancy created to provide services in the area of future local and global sustainability. The background reasons for the creation and the underlying beliefs of this consultancy are outlined below:

Concerns for the future

In the current era of unsustainable environmental management, climate change, global issues of poverty, financial inequalities between countries and continued unrest amongst ethnic and religious groups, many people, especially young adults, have become concerned with the future of this civilisation.

Local and global perspectives

Personal and communal sustainabilities are very closely linked, as one cannot exist without the other. The same is true for sustainability of local and global environments. In our efforts to protect the local ecology we need to consider potential impacts on wider areas of reference, including the planetary situation.

Human Values

In addition to scientific and technological solutions, we must also be aware of the importance of values and motives in human relationships with Nature and with other human beings. The character of these relationships is, in fact, the deciding factor in the success of our efforts in ensuring future sustainability.

Complex problems

Local and global considerations of all the major pillars of societal functioning, such as human rights, social welfare, ecology, economy and health, have become indispensable for the achievement of a balanced development on the planet. The longer we wait for solutions to those difficult global problems - more complex they become.

Integrated thinking

Simple linear thinking, suitable only for finding solutions in straightforward situations or in emergencies, will have to be replaced by holistic thinking and integrated solutions to many complex problems facing this civilisation today. Some leaders will have to further develop their thinking capabilities.

New era of advanced cooperation

Our civilisation is faced with many complex problems, which can only be effectively addressed when a new, unprecedented cooperation between individuals and nations becomes a global reality. People need to start thinking and acting as ONE. Current concepts of cooperation will have to be extended to frontiers, never seen before. To progress safely into the future, extraordinary efforts are required. Why? Because we are facing extraordinary difficulties.