Civilisation in Transition: E-Course

In the last five thousand years, there was never a greater urgency to reflect upon the life of our civilisation than there is today. Violence is escalating there in all corners of the world. It manifests in many people, not only as violent behaviour, but also as violent thinking. In various degrees everyone is affected by violence, including politicians, prime ministers and presidents, who do not seem to be capable of finding peaceful solutions anymore. We all had very promising dreams about the twenty first century, only to wake up to escalating violence, security restrictions and promises of more armed conflicts around the world, propped up with threats of the use of nuclear arms.

People are potentially capable of creating a rewarding life for all members of the planetary family. A peaceful planetary civilisation can be created if people become more conscious and more mature to allow them to understand many forces at play in the today’s world. We can have peace and prosperity on Earth; they are within our reach. But to change the course of this civilisation, people need to create a paradigm shift. The future of this civilisation is in the hands of every individual.

We need to find out about all the facts. Only then can we form a realistic picture of our current situation. Let us not forget also, that a large part of humanity has been continuingly suffering from hunger, malnutrition, various preventable diseases, from lack of basic services like water for example, and from lack of prospects for a better life. We also need to acknowledge a humbling fact that, from a certain perspective, the status of humanity in Nature is similar to all animals, fish and plants species. We are not masters of the planet, we are simply one of the species, which has a greater responsibility for protection of all life here than other creatures that call Earth their home.

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