Sustainable Future Solutions offers consulting services which have been designed to alleviate uncertainties and fears for the future, and to provide practical information about collective actions and personal contributions toward future sustainability.

The Global Sustainability - What Can I Do? courses and workshops are being offered to organisations, community groups and individual persons. During those courses and workshops the participants are provided with constructive support for finding practical solutions to many global sustainability problems. After completing the course or the workshop, the participants will be able to:

  • Identify major challenges relating to global sustainability, including ecological, economic, political, psychological and spiritual;
  • Develop visions for the future;
  • Discuss practical options for future global sustainability;
  • Recognise the link between self-empowerment and integration of rational, emotional and spiritual intelligence, i.e. personal development;
  • Develop a plan for personal engagement in solving problems of global sustainability.

All courses and workshops are designed to suit time constraints of the participants. Currently, courses are four or six meetings long. The workshops are conducted over two days.